Why Won’t Your Pain go Away? with Sandy Sanderson

Why Won’t Your Pain go Away? with Sandy Sanderson

We know that when we feel pain it is a sign that the body is trying to heal from some kind of assault, some kind of injury.  But what if that healing process doesn’t happen the way it should?  What if the pain keeps lingering on?

Pain is a sign of inflammation, and it can happen in many parts of the body, depending on what has been most under stress, including:

  • Bladder
  • Uterus
  • Back
  • Joints
  • Lungs
  • Head
  • Heart
  • Flesh wounds
  • Tennis elbow or other repetitive stress injury

Join me for a detailed conversation in which we will unravel the process of what happens with the immune system when the body is under attack and inflammation is triggered.This can be short term after an abrupt injury, or it can be a slow smouldering kind of inflammation that keeps hanging on.

How does the body eventually heal an injury? What happens if the body keeps trying, keeps revving, but the healing isn’t quite enough? What if symptoms of pain and inflammation drag on and become chronic?

What can you do to help it along that’s natural? Prolonged use of opioid medications is not only addictive, but can cause debilitating side effects like nausea, reflux, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, itchiness, or liver damage.

Join us to look at some better natural ways to manage pain and inflammation, ways that won’t get you addicted or create further health problems.


Sandy Sanderson, Founder and CEO of Elektra Magnesium skin and muscle care products, has a Bachelor of Arts degree, with a specialty in marketing and business. After years of chronic stress and deadlines, she developed severe heart arrhythmias and a health crisis which she resolved with transdermal magnesium. This led her to the development of a natural magnesium delivery system, with products for all ages.




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