How to Protect Yourself Against COVID-19 by Improving Your Lifestyle and Natural Immunity

Boosting the Immune System to Protect Against Cancer, Bacteria and Viruses

The immune system is our best line of defense against cancer, bacteria and víruses.

Cancer is the number two killer in the US after heart disease.

Viral and bacterial infections are also out of control. And, now the world is confronted with the COVID-19 pandemic.

We need to understand that bacteria and viruses are not only air borne, but also live within our bodies, which contain over 100 trillion bacteria and microorganisms that live in synergy with us. In addition, we have over 100 million viruses in our body that remain  dormant.

The presence of internal and external bacteria and viruses don’t guarantee that we are going to get sick unless there is a reason. SergeBook

Bad food, air quality, change of weather, physical stress, pollution, and radiation are some examples of external factors tht disrupt the body’s internal milieu, which can activate cancer and/or bacterial or viral infections. Observation of fresh blood through a special microscope can indicate the presence of activated viruses or bacteria.

What’s more, 50 percent of cancers are the result of a P53 gene mutation. And, pesticides, bacteria and viruses can trigger a mutation of this gene.

Tdeeeeeefrrrrdhe best way to protect ourselves is by boosting the immune system by adopting a better diet, and adding supplements like magnesium, vitamin C, selenium, zinc, quercetin, mushrooms, and arabinoxylan from rice bran.

Of course, detoxification is also important to maintain a cleaner, less toxic body, which also improves immune function.

Keep in mind drugs and vaccines introduced into a toxic body is like giving drugs to fish in a aquarium of dirty water, rather than changing the water. 

Tune-in for a deep dive into the new book of Professor Serge Jurasunas, Cancer Breakthrough using Rice Bran Arabinozylan Compoundwhich offers a wide array of information on how to use natural interventions to preserve your health and prevent bacterial and viral infections and cancer.


Dr. Jurasunas who was born in France and emigrated to the US in 1960. He is a doctor of Naturopathic and Homeopathic Medicine who initially trained in South Africa, England and North America, where he discovered the science of Iridology. (Dr. Jurasunas has done extensive research on the science and diagnosis of iridology with some of the best specialists in the world, such as Dr. Bernard Jensen of Escondido, California, and Professor J. Deck of Germany). 

He has been in practice for 53 years, and became an internationally-known practitioner and researcher not only in Naturopathic Medicine, but especially in Naturopathic Oncology or Integrative Oncology.

His areas of focus include Live Blood Analysis and Oxidative Dried Blood Testing. 

Skype: Sergejurasunas


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