Leading with Your Heart with Patti Ernst

Leading with Your Heart with Patti Ernst

Patti Ernst believes that we as a species are ready to embrace the “power of love” rather than the “love of power.”

It has been said, “We are the ones we have been waiting for.” 

Internationally and personally the “love of power” and profit has led the way.

It is time to embrace change. COVID-19 has given us a chance to slow down, think, and become mindful of what we are doing to ourselves and our planet.

In the name of progress we have done damage to ourselves and the earth. Chief Seattle long ago said, “What we do to the Earth, we do to ourselves.”

It is time to take care of ourselves and love ourselves so that we can love others.

We need to remember that a relationship is a place to give, not a place to take.

That is true of our personal relationships as well as the relationship with ourselves and with our planet.

The change we need now must come from our hearts. We must listen, speak, think, plan, and work from our heart. We must work together with compassion and cooperation. 

Competition is not what will save us or this planet.

Our bodies are groups of systems working together cooperatively to keep us healthy.

If one system becomes competitive and draws energy away from the others, it knocks us out of balance and causes disease.

We must remember all relationships are a place to love, to give, and to be compassionate and caring. 

These principles will save us and the world.

Now is the time. People of all ages are starting to wake up and become conscious about what needs to be done.

However, as conscious elders, we have the resources to make a difference.

It is time to claim our strength, courage, knowledge and wisdom and use it to create better relationships and thus a better world.

Bio: Patti Ernst was born in Chicago. After earning her degrees in Iowa, Michigan, and Georgia, she moved to Rochester, New York and taught for 30 years in public and private schools. At 56 Patti had been a wife, mother, and teacher for over 35 years when she realized it was time to move forward and embrace her passion and purpose. She moved to Alaska and began her explorations of the world and the renewal of herself. She moved on to Hawaii where she worked at the Four Seasons on the Big Island as massage therapist and then sailed for 2 1/2 years. At 66 she built a retreat style resort, Serenity, on an uninhabited island in the Kingdom of Tonga in the South Pacific, where people now come from all over the world to get back to themselves and nature, and experience serenity. In the process she has come to appreciate the value of gentle strength, inner serenity, and reinventing ourselves as we age. In addition to being a working massage therapist, Patti has now written two books, has a Master’s degree in education, is a Reiki Master, yoga teacher, meditation teacher, and Chopra certified Perfect Health instructor. Her focus is helping herself and others keep body/mind/spirit functioning optimally so that life on this planet can be a joyful adventure filled with meaningful service.



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