Could Dehydration be Making You Anxious, Depressed and Old?

Did you know that dehydration can cause many health problems, including anxiety and mental stress, hypertension (high blood pressure), muscle spasms and cramps, heart arrhythmia, skin disorders and premature ageing, weakness and dizziness.

Are you drinking enough water? 

Are you drinking the right kind of water?

And did you know that the popular belief that the water content in your beverages like coffee and sodas don’t count towards your body’s water needs?

How would you even know if you are dehydrated?

Tune-in and find out how to diagnose dehydration.

Learn the right way to improve cell hydration.

And discover how to use the right water to reverse aging and increase longevity?


Sandy Sanderson, Founder and CEO of Elektra Magnesium skin and muscle care products, has a Bachelor of Arts degree, with a specialty in marketing and business. After years of chronic stress and deadlines, she developed severe heart arrhythmias and a health crisis which she resolved with transdermal magnesium. This led her to the development of a natural magnesium delivery system, with products for all ages.

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