Not Tonight Honey, I Have a Headache

Not tonight honey. I have a headache is not something you will ever hear from loved ones in spirit.


Because loved ones in spirit are always ready to go!

Though spirits no longer have a body, that doesn’t mean they don’t still want to make love with you!

Maybe you’ve heard the common misconception that those in spirit are free from desires of the flesh.

But, guess what?

This just ain’t so!

Think about what making love is all about.

When couples merge sexually, the ecstasy of the physical union is the way we unite with God and the divine.

And, what happens when our life partner or spouse leaves his/her body?

He or she is united with God.

Since God is love, our loved ones in spirit are now the embodiment of love!

This means that, in spirit form, your loved one is even more able to bring you the ecstasy of divine union.

And, because our loved ones are one with God’s love, they yearn to share the wealth, and shower us in the divine love that surrounds them.

All this to say, when spiritual experts say that spirits are free from bodily desires, including the desire to make love, they just don’t understand that making love is the primary vehicle that allows us to unite with God’s love.  

So, how can you tell when a loved one in spirit wants to love you up?

First off, pay attention to any sudden shifts in your own sensations.

For example, one minute you’re not feeling in the mood, nothing is happening around you that would stimulate you sexually; you’re not watching, reading or seeing anything that’s a turn on.

Then, suddenly, you feel desire coming out of nowhere.

Just as spirits will mind meld and implant a thought in your mind, when a spirit wants to make love with you, you will experience a similar kind of mind melding, or more accurately, a body melding in which a spirit infuses you with desire.

Now, if you’re free and can go with it, use my Visualization and Mediation for Making Contact (in part 3 of Love Never Dies), which will put you in a trance, and make you receptive to spirit communications.

Then, when you’re in a trance, use any one of the breathing exercises that I present in Love Never Dies. Remember, spirit is born on the breath, and breathing will allow you to draw a loved one in spirit into your body.

Let the experience unfold from this point.

What if you’re in the mood and you want to make love to a loved one in spirit?

Again, use my Visualization and Meditation for Making Contact. Once you’re in a trance, call your loved one into your boudoir! And, let the magic unfold.

One final point, we humans think in materialistic terms. This means we have a hard time imagining how to make love in the absence of a material body.

But, get this”¦

When we learn how to tune to the spirit channel in our brains, we are able to receive energetic communications from loved ones in spirit.

And because spirits are pure energy, they have the ability to influence the material world in infinite ways.

This means that they are able to induce all kinds of physical sensations in our bodies, including the feeling that we are being touched, kissed and held.

In addition to learning to tune to the “Spirit Channel” of our brains, we must also heighten our senses so that we are open to feeling all the ways that spirit touches, kisses and makes love to us.

In part 3 of Love Never Dies, I teach you various exercises for heightening your senses.

When making love with a spirit, the more your senses are open, the easier it will be for you to sense all the ways that your loved one in spirit is making  love to you!

To find out more about how to reconnect, dialogue and even make love with a loved one in spirit, check out my number one International Bestseller, Love Never Dies: How to Reconnect and Make Peace with the Deceased.

If you want to fast track your reconnection, my 8-week Love Never Dies Course, which includes 8 pre-recorded video lessons, 3 pre-recorded groups calls and bonus audios is just what the doctor ordered.


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  1. thank you

    your openess and honesty help me feel normal about my post death life with my husband in spirit.

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