Warning: Traditional Grief Therapy Causes Grief!

And, I’m really fed up!

Let me explain why.

This summer, I offered the Love Never Dies retreat at Kripalu.

One of my students was a lovely woman named Joyce who was grieving the bodily loss of her husband.

Joyce said that she senses her husband is always with her, but she added that she has a block to reconnecting.

As we dialogued with her husband, it became clear that, despite feeling his presence, and despite desperately wanting to reconnect, she resists allowing herself to receive his love!


Because…get ready….

She said she’s afraid to find out that he doesn’t love her!


(If you haven’t already noticed, our mind’s come up with some pretty crazy ideas!)

Get this…

For her entire 30 year marriage, she doubted her husband’s love, despite his ongoing devotion to her.

So, in other words, her inability to connect with him started long before he left his body.

I said to her, “I sense that you don’t feel worthy of love. What happened in your childhood to make you feel unloveable?” I asked.

In no time, she was crying as she revealed details about the abuse she suffered in her first family.

Now her problem became clear.

No matter how much her husband loved her, her Old Scar from childhood left her feeling unlovable and unworthy of her husband’s love.

No wonder she doubted that he loved her.

And, no wonder she continued to be afraid to find out that he still doesn’t love her!

“At this point, I said, “The way you doubt his love is nothing short of crazy. I mean look at the facts. The guy is so devoted to you that he’s still showering you with love from the spirit realm!” 

She laughed and had a major aha moment.

A couple of months later, she called me and asked to do therapy with me so that she could fully uproot and heal her Old Scar.

This week, during therapy, she told me something that got me fuming.

She said a few months after her husband left his body, she went to see a grief therapist who told her flat out that she had to move on… Get rid of her husband’s clothes and remove all his photos!

“What?” I shouted.

She said, “Yes. And I got more depressed!”

No kidding!

And, not only didn’t she move on, her grief got worse.

As we resumed her dialogue with her husband, a huge layer of grief lifted.

But, then we hit another roadblock.

Yet another reason why she was resisting connecting with him.

She was furious with him!

Furious because he neglected his body, and didn’t go to the doctor.

She felt totally furious that his self-neglect resulted in her “losing” him.

Then, the most amazing thing happened.

In our next dialogue, he said that his not seeing the doctor was part of their destiny!

He said that he had to step out of his body in order to heal her.

He said that when he lived in a body, he was completely frustrated by her inability to receive his love. And, he said that his frustration was getting worse, to the point that he had hit a brick wall…

He knew there was no way that he could help her while he remained in physical form.

And, guess what happened next?

This revelation changed her life!

Her anger instantly dissolved.

And, she suddenly felt for the first time in her life just how much he loved and loves her. And she realized that his leaving his body was the ultimate expression of his love for her.

Make no mistake…

This amazing healing didn’t come from moving on.

It came from reconnecting!

So, if you are grieving the bodily loss of a loved one, please don’t allow a traditional grief therapist to cause you more grief by forcing you to move on.

Reconnect and dialogue with your loved one in spirit!

I promise, the reconnection will lift your grief.

And, in the case that you have some unfinished business, Dialoguing with your Departed will enable you to heal in body, mind, spirit and emotion!

To find out more about how to reconnect and Dialogue with your Departed, check out my number one International Bestseller, Love Never Dies: How to Reconnect and Make Peace with the Deceased.

If you want to fast track your reconnection, my 8-week Love Never Dies Course, which includes 8 pre-recorded video lessons, 3 pre-recorded groups calls and bonus audios is just what the doctor ordered.

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