If You’re Crying Daily Over a Dead Loved One, You Have to Read This!

A couple of weeks ago, I received an email from the assistant of a famous corporate leader, Dr. Lance Secretan. He just wrote his memoir, A Love Story, in which he describes his passionate, life-long romance with wife, Trish. Dr. Lance wanted to meet me because he had heard about my book, Love Never Dies, and knew that we have much in common.

We had a brief phone call and I invited him to come on Ask Dr. Love radio to talk about his life with Trish and their secret to a lifetime of passionate love.

In preparation for his appearance on my show, I read over his suggested talking points for the interview.

My eyes froze on a sentence that was contained in his prep sheet.

It said, “I still cry every day.”

When I read this sentence, I just knew that I had to help Dr. Lance reconnect with his wife. So, I decided to do just this on air!

I invite you to listen to this amazing interview, which debuts on Sunday, August 28th at 9pm.

In the final segment, you will hear Dr. Lance cyring in joy as he reconnects with his beloved wife for the first time since she left her body. He felt her arms around him and he felt surrounded in love. 

I was so thrilled for him.

Dr. Lance’s experience proves, yet again, why I keep saying that reconnecting transforms our grief to joy!

I won’t rest until every grieving person in the world realizes that we love don’t die and our relationships aren’t meant to end with bodily death.

The latest quantum physicist research proves this truth!

We now know 95% of our universe is comprised of dark matter or dark energy. We also know that energy cannot be destroyed.

So when we “die” we merely shed the turtle shell of their physical bodies and enter the spirit realm, or heaven, which  is what scientists call the dark matter or dark energy!

We can’t see the dark matter, but that doesn’t mean that life isn’t being lived within it!
This explains why my husband said to me right after leaving his body, “Jamie, death is an illusion. There’s a very thin veil between the realm where you are and the realm where I am. The veil is thinner than you can ever imagine. I’m standing right here!”
The point?

Our loved ones don’t go anywhere!

They are standing right beside us, waiting for us to reconnect with them!

And, that’s what my new Trans-Dimensional Grief Method is all about. I show you how to tune to the spirit channel of your brain so that you can send and receive energetic communications to and from your loved ones in the dark matter!

The moment you reconnect, you will instantly feel an unearthly love and peace pouring into you from your loved ones in spirit.

As soon as you experience this joy, you will want to continue the connection and keep it going.

And, as you will discover, reconnecting and staying connected, transforms your sadness to joy.
Now that Dr. Lance has begun his reconnection with his beloved Trish, you can be sure that he won’t be crying every day.

I invite you to listen to this lovely interview, and share in Dr. Lance’s joyful reconnection with his wife.  

PS: If you are ready to begin your own reconnection, and even heal any unfinished business with any being in spirit, I have many ways to help you.

You can start by reading my no. 1 International Bestseller, Love Never Dies, which is also now available in audio format.

In conjunction with the book, many find it helpful to take the Love Never Dies Online Course, which provides 8 pre-recorded self-paced video lessons in which I take you by the hand and guide you to reconnect and also heal any unfinished business.

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