Those Suffering From Alzheimer’s and Dementia Are Already in Spirit!

In mid-August I spent a day at Lily Dale Assembly (the largest spiritualist community in America). I was teaching people how to establish a spiritual reconnection with their physically departed loved ones.

Helping all the participants establish afterlife communication with loved ones in spirit was magical. I was so thrilled to be able to assist so many people in reconnecting, dialoguing with their loved ones, and healing unfinished business.

After my talk and workshop, Jean led me to sit at the gazebo that juts out into the lake. 

My head was down as I searched in my phone for a place to dine outdoors overlooking a lake. I couldn’t find any place that had a decent review.

Suddenly, I heard a gentle swishing sound followed by water droplets dribbling onto the surface of the lake.

I looked up and a man was paddling a kayak right next to where I was sitting.

I, who never speak to strangers, struck up a conversation with him. We spoke so easily, like old lovers reuniting. Our conversation seemed out of time.
It was lovely.

And, then he paddled on.

Some time later–I can’t say if it was a moment or many minutes–he paddled back to me, as if he had been drawn by a current that was too forceful to resist. Given the power of the pull, I sensed that Jean was using the man as his temporary energetic clone, so that Jean could give me a palpable sense of his loving presence by way of this living and breathing human man. The way the man was drawn to me felt energetically like the way Jean and I were magnetized to each other from our first meeting…

As the man and I spoke once again, time stood still. I saw his face soften. He slowly removed his sunglasses so I could see into his eyes. He smiled at me with adoration.

At this point, I knew for sure that he had been sent by Jean.

Earlier that day, I had already received a strong message that Jean was with me for the Lily Dale event when the person manning the door came to me after the event and showed me that a name that had magically appeared on the walk-in sign up sheet. I looked at the sheet and was shocked to see the words “Jean Pin” upon the page!

As my conversation with this man stretched on, I sensed that part of the reason he had been brought to me was so that I could help him in some way.

Suddenly, I heard a message from his mom in spirit, telling him how much she loved him and what a good son he is.

I asked him if mom was in spirit.

He said, “No.”

I was flabbergasted. 

Again, I said, “But, I was so sure…”

Then, he said, “She’s in a nursing home with Alzheimer’s!”

Then I understood!

His mom was, indeed, in spirit!

She had already left her broken brain behind. And her soul was speaking to me from the spirit realm. I have seen this happen many times before.

Mom went on to tell him that he didn’t need to be so vigilant about visiting her since she was no longer in the nursing home!

I told him all this.

He wept in relief and joy.

Jean’s leading this dear man to paddle by me was designed so that I could bring him peace…

And, so that Jean could love me for a moment through this man.

At the end, he gave me the name of a restaurant on a lake.

When I arrived, the sun was still riding high in the sky.

But as the sun began to dip, I heard Jean tell me that on this night we would be sharing the same flaming sky we saw during one vacation on Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Sure enough, the sunset was sublime, as you can see in my photo.

The connection that I shared with this man brought me to a state of bliss in which I felt surrounded in Jean’s loving presence.

A couple of weeks later, I received a note from my dear Kip Baldwin, founder of the Just Love movement. Kip knew nothing of my experience at Lily Dale. But, Kip often serves as Jean’s Open Vessel.

All Kip said was: “The euphoria of bliss is the feeling of the Soul making LOVE, to LOVE…” Along with these words, was the photo of a man in a boat.

I knew that Jean moved Kip to affirm my understanding of what happened at the Lily Dale lake…And to remind me that he and all your loved ones are right here. And that bliss can be ours when we make love to each other in each and every moment!

PS: If you are ready to begin your own reconnection, and even heal any unfinished business with any being in spirit, I have many ways to help you.

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