Were You Loved Enough as a Kid? with Dr. Kent Hoffman

Were You Loved Enough as a Kid? with Dr. Kent Hoffman

October 25

The reality of the human condition is that none of us was loved the way we needed. No matter how great our parents were, they still made mistakes and failed in one way or another at being there for us the way we needed.

The sad result of these early deficits is that they affect our ability to love ourselves and others.

This week, I’m thrilled to introduce you to Dr. Kent Hoffman, whose new book at www.eightysevenminutes.com offers a profoundly healing plan for surmounting these lacks so that we can live more fully in love.


Kent Hoffman is a clinician and attachment researcher with a focus on early intervention.  His work of the past 40 years is based upon psychoanalytic (object relations) theory, current developmental psychology and affective neuroscience.

 Dr. Hoffman travels extensively throughout North America, Europe and Australia teaching professionals. His personal journey has recently been made available through his memoir,  now available at www.eightysevenminutes.com.



Facebook: /kenthoffman
Twitter: @kenthoff

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