How to Overcome the Grief Over the Loss of a Pet

Losing a pet is one of the most painful experiences on Earth. In many ways, our pets are like babies who never grow up. Their dependence on us creates an even deeper bond.

Just as reconnecting with humans in spirit heals our grief, so does reconnecting with our pets in spirit.

But reconnecting with a beloved animal in spirit is a tricky process because animals are non-verbal. So, we can’t dialogue back-and-forth with animals in the same way that we do with human loved ones in spirit. Nevertheless, dialoguing with animals is possible!

In this show, I am going to teach you how to reconnect and dialogue with your beloved pets in spirit. As a special treat, you will be meeting with Candi, one of my beloved certified Trans-Dimensional Grief Resolution Method coaches, whose
dearly loved cat, her soulmate Killian, just left his body on the 16th. In this show, I will show you how to reconnect by demonstrating Candi’s own reconnection with Killian on air.

Tune in for a very special show that will set you on the path to reconnecting with your beloved animals in spirit.

Listen to the audio or watch the show on YouTube

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