Is Your Relationship Sagging from a Libido That’s Lagging?

In this week’s show, we’re going to read between the sheets to uncover the causes of your flagging sex life.

A flagpole flying at half-mast can be caused by many factors including faulty foreplay, stress, depression, anxiety, certain meds (especially anti-depressant and blood pressure drugs), physical ailments, including diabetes, low thyroid, adrenal burnout, hormone imbalances like low testosterone or estrogen or estrogen dominance, pain syndromes, clogged arteries (atherosclerosis), prostate enlargement, and toxicity in the bowel, kidneys or liver can  zap your sex drive.

And believe it or not, even PTSD can masquerade as sexual dysfunctions, which is why I devote an entire chapter to this topic in my latest book If You Think You Don’t Have PTSD: THINK AGAIN!

We’ll also have a visit from Sandy Sanderson, who will be sharing interesting science on how stress affects our hormones and sexual performance.

Above all, when it comes to diagnosing the cause of your bedroom blues, your relationship status is perhaps the most crucial factor. For this reason, I also lay out how exactly relationship conflict and fighting interferes with sex drive and sexual performance. And, most importantly, I will discuss what you can do to turn your sinking sexual ship around.Tune in to get to the bottom of why you’re bottoming out in the bedroom and solve your bedroom blues.

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