How to Connect When You Don’t See Eye-to-Eye Part 2

For the debut In the Ring radio show segment, we met with Oscar and Tim, two friends who are trapped in a political value conflict. 

Listeners asked me to bring them back for further discussion. 

This show is a follow-up, where we dive deeper into their value conflict. 

It is my hope that their example will demonstrate to everyone watching and listening how it is possible to avoid arguing on the overt content of your value conflicts, and just connect emotionally regarding what the conflict means to both parties, and, most importantly, how the conflict activates emotional wounds from childhood.

As you will experience through this show, deep intimacy is formed when we bypass discussing the nuts and bolts of a particular value conflict, and instead talk about how the value conflict activates the feelings associated with the wounds we suffered when we were young.


Listen to the audio or watch the show on YouTube

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