Is Vaginal Dryness Hurting Your Relationship? with Wendi Coombs

There are 40 million women in the United States who suffer with vaginal dryness, and not all of these women are in menopause. Though menopause is the most common and well-known cause of vaginal dryness, there are other factors that can affect women of all ages.

The effects of vaginal dryness are devastating, making it impossible to exercise, wear pants or enjoy sex with a spouse or partner.

Tune in to discover a breakthrough remedy, Membrasin Vitality Pearls with SBA24™an estrogen free, clinically supported nutritional supplement that is helping women world-wide get back their lives. This remedy is new to the US market, but has been used in Europe for many years.

Today we are opening the mic to discuss the seemingly taboo topic of vaginal dryness with Wendi Coombs, the Director of Operations and Customer Support at Membrasin Life Sciences.


Wendi has background in account management and customer service spanning more than 30 years. She has been part of the Membrasin Life Sciences team for the past four years.

Wendi’s firsthand experience with vaginal dryness and the benefits of SBA24™ fuel her passion for educating women of all ages that they don’t have to simply endure the pain and limitations that feminine dryness can impose. Membrasin Life Sciences is determined to help end the stigma surrounding vaginal dryness and get women talking more openly about this very real issue.


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