Connected Conversations in a Disconnected World with Christian Elliot

Have you found it hard to have authentic conversations lately? Does it feel hard to find a safe place to speak freely without fear of awkwardness or judgment? We all want (and need) to feel connected to others, yet the volume of issues that divide us these days has made it harder than ever to have friendly, open, learning conversations. Among the many things to come to light during covid, is how underdeveloped we are at the important skills of genuine listening and civil dialogue. It is this collective (yet fixable) shortcoming that is not only robbing us of the feelings of connectedness but is also eroding the very fabric of a healthy society.

Today my guest Christian Elliot and I discuss how to bring up (and navigate) potentially contentious topics, how to take initiative to find your people, and how to focus on what we humans have in common that can unite us with a sense of understanding and belonging. 

Bio: Christian Elliot is a freedom-loving, God-fearing, awake-but-not-woke entrepreneur, coach, husband, and father of five. He has worked full-time in the alternative health space since 2005. For nine years he ran brick and mortar locations where we led a team of health and fitness professionals across the spectrum of holistic disciplines. That breadth of experience taught Christian that real and lasting transformation goes beyond the tactics of health–it requires an inside job.    In 2017 Christian and his wife Nina transitioned their expertise into a virtual coaching program designed to coach the whole human. His unique coaching model incorporates the trifecta of solid health strategies, the emotional/relational components of change, and life coaching that accounts for the context and personal ambitions of each person. In short, Christian is in the business of creating health breakthroughs by going upstream to find and solve the real problems blocking people’s health. Christian has a Communications degree, a Masters of Divinity, as well as various health, fitness, and coaching certifications. He personally has done over 15,000 hours of 1-1 coaching and deeply loves his work.

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