Dr. Love’s Guide to Surviving The Jolly Hollerdays with Family

If the days ahead have you filled with dread, fear no more!

If the days ahead have you filled with dread, fear no more!

In this Ask Dr. Love radio show, I explain why millions of people end up broken rather than happy hearted during the holidays. The reason: we unconsciously return home hoping to finally heal our Old Scars and achieve our Happy Endings. When we don’t achieve our Happy Ending, our hearts are broken.

It is precisely by being conscious of your Old Scars that you can free yourself to not repeat the old behavior patterns that re-injure rather than heal you.

It is this same consciousness that will enable you to head-off and even heal longstanding family feuds. As you become the instrument that heals the feuds, you will finally achieve the Happy Ending that your heart has been craving.

Discover how to bring consciousness and reason into your holiday season, using effective and constructive communications that heal yourself and your family!

Tune in to hear my proven plan for turning your family hollerdays into truly joyous holidays and beyond!

This show features special guest Rick Tamlyn, Master Certified Coach and developer of The Bigger Game, a tool that inspires executives, leaders and everyday people to get out of their comfort zones and invent the life they want.


About Rick Tamlyn

Rick Tamlyn inspires people to be their best in the world.

He teaches that every experience, emotion, reaction, and relationship is All Made Up.

Rick has delivered his message around the world to people from all walks of life. He’s transformed, and been a catalyst to thousands of people globally. His international appeal has led him to speak in front of audiences both small and large in 17 countries and counting.

As a trusted advisor for Fortune 100 companies, Rick frequently delivers keynotes and workshops internationally, with a large following in the U.S., Australia, Japan and South Korea. His work impacts and produces powerful results for executives and companies worldwide.

For more about Rick Tamlyn, visit his Website at www.ricktamlyn.com.

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