Ditching Fight Traps: Your Key to Relationship Harmony!

As promised, I’m going to delve into the world of Fight Traps–those faulty fighting tactics we all use. I group Fight Traps into two main categories: Open Warfare, which consists of name calling, character insults, attacking, blaming, yelling, etc. and Secret Warfare, which includes guilt tripping, subtle paybacks, holding grudges, and many more.

Both kinds of Fight Traps heat the relationship climate and cause more fighting. Learn how to create relationship harmony by nipping your own Fight Traps in the bud. And also find out how to disarm the Fight Traps laid out by your partner too! Removing Fight Traps from your conflicts is the key to a constructive resolution of your conflicts. Increase your mutual bond — and even spark some real romance–by Ditching Your Fight Traps.


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