Are You Ready to Rewire Your Brain for Love?

Are You Ready to Rewire Your Brain for Love?

June 18 12 PM EDT

Did you know that your brain can be your greatest ally or your worst enemy when it comes to your relationships?

As Dawson says, “It now seems obvious living in the 21st century that we imprint patterns of relating into our brains from an early age. We then re-enact those patterns endlessly ”“ until we learn to interrupt them.”

Join me for a follow-up interview with Dawson Church, author of the award-winning science book, The Genie in Your Genes and many research studies published in peer-reviewed medical journals.

In this show, Dawson is going to show you how to:

Find your set points for pleasure ”“ and raise them. Uncover what your childhood lacked, and repair it. Learn to be truly emotionally present with your partner. Find the hidden obstacles that block you from a delicious relationship
Set a completely new course for happy and fulfilling relationships in the future
Rewire your brain for optimal relational skills

What I’ve seen as a scientific researcher is that even if you have a sordid history of broken relationships, and even if you’ve failed miserably in the past, LOVE IS POSSIBLE.

Tune in to find out how you can get off the hamster wheel of heartache and rewire your brain for a lifetime of lasting love.


Dawson Church, PhD,  is an award-winning author whose best-selling book, The Genie in Your Genes, ( has been hailed by reviewers as a breakthrough in our understanding of the link between emotions and genetics. He founded the National Institute for Integrative Healthcare ( to study and implement promising evidence-based psychological and medical techniques. His groundbreaking research has been published in prestigious scientific journals. He is the editor of Energy Psychology: Theory, Research, & Treatment, a peer-reviewed professional journal ( He shares how to apply these breakthroughs to health and athletic performance through EFT Universe (, one of the largest alternative medicine sites on the web.

Dawson is currently encouraging people to take a good hard look at what’s working and what’s not working in these 5 areas: Love, Money, Health, Work, and Spirituality. The program is a 33 day intensive with guest coaches like Malcolm Gladwell and Jack Canfield to upgrade all 5 life areas. To find out more, go to:

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