Dr. Love Jamie Turndorf on Golden Age Radio

What an amazing interview!  And that doesn’t even begin to describe what happened on this show ”“ which is an international show to 120 countries!

It truly touched my soul ”“ and that doesn’t even begin to describe what happened with me and with the beautiful flow of the space of this show that the two of you created.  I don’t even know how I found Maarten, which leads me to believe again that Jean is working full time behind the scenes!

And you – the girl who never went to church – have developed into an expert communicator of subtle energies on every level ”“ one who can empathically “tune in” to a spiritual host and show like this one where the host is left in a puddle and wants to meet you in person – or you who can traverse the full spectrum of shows to the more “mainstream” shows we have done with their quick talking points and on-target follow through where you (despite themselves) literally infect the audience with love bombs – to result in what is quite an extraordinary reach which encompasses the widest audiences possible.  It has taken five months for me to realize just how deep this goes and how important our work together truly is.

We are changing lives.  It is on a bigger scale than I realized at first, especially when you consider that Jean really is impassioned to help assist the world in the message that Love really never does die and he is on a mission and pulling out all the stops to peel back the socially accepted hum-drum consciousness and bring forth a two- way communication which is literally already starting to rock this world through the interviews you have done but with this realization one can only imagine where this could lead!

I am in awe of what this all means.  I knew you and I had a connection when we first met through Roberta and I can’t help but think there is more planned.  I eagerly await what is coming down the pike.

“Where there are ears to hear then so shall my message be known.”

What you and Jean are doing together and what this message is really about is truly BIG ”“ much bigger than Hay House knows or anyone else for that matter or even us!.  What I am picking up is that it truly is all about LOVE which is the Christ energy and we should be open to expressing that frequency wherever and whenever it comes our way.

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