Do You Want to Be the Soul of Love? with Kip Baldwin and Evan Hirsch

In this episode of Love Never Dies, you will meet S.O.U.L., a team of content creators whose purpose is to help inspire and guide our conscious evolution through music, videos, and documentaries.

S.O.U.L. develops thought-provoking content to touch hearts, open minds, expand perspectives, and incite action. We believe that once awakened and equipped with new understandings, we ”“ as “uniquals” ”“ can collectively evolve toward a world that nurtures life; something we refer to as the LOVE Paradigm.

Philanthropist Evan Hirsch and producer Kip Baldwin founded S.O.U.L. because they felt there was too much time and resources devoted to promoting the problems that humans are creating for themselves with their ages old story of institutionalized fear, rather than solutions to help us thrive. To achieve their goal of inspiring people to consciously evolve and sharing solutions they have discovered, S.O.U.L. is producing a series of seven unique shows starting with a live Monday noontime pick-me-up, through hump day hugs, to sharing consciousness-expanding music on Fridays and thought and action provoking documentaries on the weekend. Evan The S.O.U.L. team has also just put the finishing touches on their heart-touching, mind-opening documentary about Jacque Fresco and The Venus Project, based on the last interview of Jacque’s life at age one hundred one. S.O.U.L. is also in post production on a feature length film documenting the Summer of LOVE 50th Anniversary (the inspiration for S.O.U.L.’s name) and exploring the achievements of the 60’s counterculture and their significance in today’s world, while following Evan’s own journey from rebel to seeker. All video productions feature original music from S.O.U.L.’s band S.O.U.L. Twin Messiah on the soundtracks and beyond. Learn about conscious evolution and join their LOVE Tribe at, on YouTube, and on social media @Souldocumentary


Evan Gary Hirsch

“My personal journey of conscious evolution was propelled into a new dimension upon reading about the four stages of human evolution described in Frederick Timm’s groundbreaking book Field Guide to a New Species; A New, Sustainable Way to Be Human. I was so moved, that I created an audiobook version.”

Kip Baldwin

Kip Baldwin is a cosmic consciousness pioneer exploring the absolute truth of LOVE and Infinity, whose passion and purpose is to share his rememberings to awaken society to the new age/era/paradigm emerging. Using multiple media platforms to broadcast his activist storytelling, he has connected with millions of people around the world.

Mr. Baldwin’s latest project S.O.U.L. (which he has co-founded with visionary philanthropist Evan Hirsch) takes the work he began almost a decade ago with the Just LOVE Movement and expands it to Infinity.


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