The Gray Area

Hello! I have been seeing a guy regularly for 4 months now. We see each other once a week due to our busy schedules and we are ok with that. He and I have expressed that we haven’t talked to or gone on dates with anyone else. Last week we were talking about where this was headed again. We check in with each other and this time he brought up some concerns. He said things felt forced sometimes and that there have been bumps along the road that he thinks was too early. I tried to ask him for examples but he couldn’t express it. Then he went on to say that he says this may just be insecurities seeing that he sometimes thinks that he is unworthy of me. He also said that he wants a relationship and knows he wants one but when it comes time he thinks that he isn’t ready. I don’t know what to say to him. I do have feelings for him but I know he needs to figure himself out first seeing that he thinks these are insecurities. He doesn’t want to be in the gray zone for much longer and I agree. If we have to go out separate ways, I’ll be hurt but it’s for the best if he is not fully certain and has these insecurities. Should I check back in with him the next time I see him or do I give him a couple of weeks? If I do talk to him, is there anything I should or shouldn’t say to him to help him make his mind up?

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