Killearn Tavern ”“ Part III

MILLBROOK, NY ”“ It’s almost as if the Killearn Tavern was waiting for Dr. Jamie Turndorf; as if this 1700’s landmark was calling out for her to come and restore it to its natural state. Dr. Turndorf, also known as Dr. Love, her radio host name, has a knack for restoration and a great knowledge of the 1700’s. She felt such a strong calling that she was able to describe the tavern to her husband even though she had never seen it. It’s that physic ability that give Dr. Love the wisdom of advice for people who call in to her radio show, “Ask Dr. Love” And it’s also what brought her to the Killearn Tavern in Millbrook.

When Dr. Turndorf first saw the property the historic structure had been remodeled and modernized to appear to be built in the 1940’s. That’s why the National Registry and New York State missed it as the landmark jewel that Turndorf has restored it to. Finding several surprises and unveiling intricate clues that trace back to the Revolutionary and Pilgrim periods, Dr. Love attention to detail completely restored the structure and even added an addition that replicates a federal ballroom of the period. You can see the restoration in Parts 1 and 2 of this series.

This final segment of the 3-part series focuses on Dr. Turndorf’s supernatural experience after the sudden death of her husband Emil Jean Pin, a Jesuit Priest turned Professor at Vassar College in Poughkeepsie. Pin and Jamie were vacationing in Italy when Jean was stung by a bee and died suddenly as a result of an allergic reaction. Her husband’s communication with her after his death changed the way Turndorf approaches her practice and inspired her to author “Love Never Dies”, a book about love and communication through death.

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