Dr. Jamie Turndorf aka Dr. Love: Healing Old Scars, Love Truly Never Dies

A self-proclaimed love doctor with an enviable love story of her own. A desire to help others transformed and in fact increased by personal loss. Science blended with spirituality, infused with an ardent and encouraging belief that in fact, love – all love, romantic, platonic, familial – never dies.

Meet Dr. Jamie Turndorf aka “Dr. Love,” a therapist and author who has dedicated her life to helping others find happiness in their relationships. You can find her on various radio programs and in her talk with GaG, she tackles universal concepts like conflict resolution and the theory of endless love. We’ve chatted with therapists, doctors, dating experts and life coaches (feel free to check out our chats with Kimberly Seltzer, Dr. Jane Greer, Stephan LaBossiere, Jonathan Alpert and Cheyenne Bostock), but GirlsAskGuys loves those personal stories, too, and Dr. Turndorf’s is one well worth reading.

If you don’t feel a little better about life in general after reading this, seek help, ‘cuz you’re just far too cynical.

GaG: We’ve spoken to a lot of relationship experts about the importance of self-esteem and confidence. What role do you think these traits play in the game of love?

Dr. Turndorf: “Well, I’m going to throw you a curveball here: I’ve been a shrink for 35 years and my method focuses on helping people identify and heal what I call the old scars from childhood. These old scars always effect who we choose as partners and the relationship difficulties we eventually fall into. Low self-esteem does play a role in relationship conflict, but low self-esteem is just a symptom of a deeper problem, which is the old scars we suffered as kids. In order for our self-esteem to heal we must first heal our old scars. And when our Old Scars are healed, our self-esteem naturally rises.

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