The Coronavirus Crisis: Your Wake-Up Call to Love Beyond Fear

Most of the world is trembling under a deathly fear of contracting the COVID-19 virus.

When we peel back the psychological onion layers of fear, we uncover the universal fear of death.

When my beloved husband of nearly 30 years, Emile Jean Pin (world-renowned former Jesuit priest who the Dalai Lama named as one of the 50 men of all time who was one with God) left his body from a bee sting, he began proving his presence through astonishing manifestations. These manifestations are not only meant for me; they are meant to let you know that we don’t die; we just leave our bodies.

As a result of Jean’s cataclysmic proof of soul survival, I also realized that our relationships are not meant to end with bodily death. When we form a bond with another soul, that bond is eternal. We are not meant to be separated.

Your loved ones in spirit are right here and waiting to reconnect and stay connected to you.

My reminding you of this truth, will, I hope, assist in alleviating any residual terror of “death” and “dying.”

When we are freed of the fear of our own demise or the bodily loss of those we love, we can then address the most important question of our existence: Why are we here?

I call this life on Earth our Love Lab.

Our main purpose on Earth is to perfect our ability to love ourselves and others.

And our intimate relationships are the stage upon which we are invited to perfect our performances.

What consists of an ideal performance?

For starters, all evolved souls are being asked to live the profound duality that consists of shedding the fear of “death” and “dying” while concurrently living each day as though it may be our last.

If you knew today were to be your last day, how would you behave differently with those closest to you?

First, I would have you begin by eulogizing the living. By this I mean tell those close to you what you love about them and why. And, remember to do this daily.

Next, I would ask you to remember that in order to live love now, you must perfect your ability to manage your raw, negative impulses. By this I refer to managing the angry feelings that are triggered whenever our psychological toes are stepped on. Our natural default is to camouflage our boo boos with anger. Most people act on the anger by lashing out at those they love most.

As I’ve said for many decades: While it feels good in the moment to get your rocks off on another person, on the rocks is where your relationships will end up if you don’t manage your mouth and your actions. Remember, whatever you say and do boomerangs back on you. If you hurt another person, you are ultimately hurting yourself.

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