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Ask Dr. Love Radio Show To Air On Alternative Talk 1150 KKNW-AM In Seattle



1150 KKNW LogoAre relationships with friends, family and even yourself leaving you sleepless in Seattle? Then it’s time to tune into Alternative Talk 1150 KKNW-AM on Saturdays and Sundays at 11pm for the Ask Dr. Love show.

Hosted by relationship expert and author Dr. Jamie Turndorf, known by millions of fans as “Dr. Love,” Ask Dr. Love is the place to ask her questions – no matter how personal or embarrassing – and get thoughtful, heartfelt answers.

Known for her sincerity and compassion as well as her frank advice delivered with an earthy sense of humor, Dr. Turndorf puts her listeners at ease while digging deeply into their psyches and prescribing the cure.

Each weekly Ask Dr. Love radio show features a number of segments, including:

  • Discussion of a specific relationship issue or challenge with specific tools and techniques for dealing with it.
  • Answers to the latest advice columns published on AskDrLove.com.
  • Live calls to answer any relationship, dating or sex advice questions listeners may have.
  • Guest authors and experts on a variety of relationship, dating, self-improvement, and spirituality topics. Past guests have included Larry James, Ken Page, and Temple Grandin.
  • “Reading Between The Sheets” where she put listeners’ toughest sex questions to bed.
  • “Celebrity Couch,” in which she analyzes the relationship troubles and other scandals of celebrities.

Dr. Jamie Turndorf is a popular relationship expert and couples therapist, author, and radio show host also known to millions around the world as the creator of AskDrLove.com. When Dr. Turndorf first lanuched AskDrLove.com in 1996, it was the Web’s first free relationship advice blog created many years before “blog” was even coined. In those early days of the Web, Mark Zuckerberg was just entering puberty, and Google and Amazon were still in diapers.

Since then, millions of Websites and bloggers have come and gone with the rising and falling tides and fortunes of the Web, while Dr. Turndorf has persisted against every obstacle that both the technology and life itself could present, including the untimely death of her husband from a bee sting several years ago. Now, over sixteen years after it was first founded, AskDrLove.com is quite likely the longest operating site of its kind, offering what may be the Web’s largest selection of thousands of advice columns on every imaginable relationship, marriage, dating, and sex advice question.

Dr. Turndorf is also widely known as the author of the critically acclaimed books Till Death Do Us Part (Unless I Kill You First): A Step-By-Step Guide for resolving Relationship Conflict and Make Up Don’t Break Up: Dr. Love’s 5-Step Plan for Reconciling with Your Ex.  Her advice columns have been published on WebMD, iVillage, and in Men’s Health, Glamour, New Woman, American Woman, Cosmopolitan, and many major magazines and periodicals. She also writes a relationship column focusing on conflict resolution for Psychology Today online. She has been featured on NBC, CNN, CBS and Fox, as well as on Inside Edition, VH1, and many others.

For more about the AskDrLove show, as well as to find out how to call in to the show to ask Dr. Turndorf your question, visit AskDrlove.com. You can also check out Dr. Turndorf on Facebook and follow her on Twitter @askdrlove.

And don’t forget to tune in to Alternative Talk 1150 KKNW-AM on Saturdays and Sundays at 11pm for some truly informative, fun and thought provoking insights on love, relationships and life itself. As Dr. Turndorf says, “Knowledge is your key to happy relationships!”

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