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I know you’re here because life isn’t going the way you’d like it to.

Maybe you’re feeling depressed or anxious.

Or your moods are a rollercoaster.

Or your relationship with a family member, friend, lover or spouse is on the rocks…

Or possibly you’re grieving the loss of a loved one…

Or you’re feeling frustrated in your career…

No matter what you’re struggling with today, I can help.

Congratulations! You’ve taken the first step by reaching out to me.

This isn’t easy to do.  Believe it or not, the hardest part is over. You’ve already begun the process.

I am dedicated to helping you turn your life around. I will stand by you till the job is done.

Dr. Turndorf (aka Doctor Love) is an internationally acclaimed relationship therapist, no. 1 international best-selling author, and highly sought after speaker for raadio TV and live engagments. Dr. Turndorf holds a Ph.D. in Psychology and has been counseling individuals, couples and groups for over three decades. Using her clinically proven Core Therapy™ method, Dr. Turndorf has been helping people for the past 33 years to heal relationships to create lasting love and fulfilling commitment.

Having a remarkable ability to break down complex psychological principles and theories into steps that are easy to understand and apply, Dr. Turndorf has helped thousands of people get to the root of the issue and completely transform their lives bringing about more love, more joy, more peace and more fulfilling relationships.

Dr. Turndorf continues her research in what makes relationships fail or flourish, and brings that knowledge and experience to her books, her speaking engagements, her national radio shows and to private clients.

Dr. Turndorf has limited space in her schedule to work with private clients. Spaces fill very fast.
If you are ready to take your healing to the highest level and transform your life, Cick Here to Request to Work Privately with Dr. Turndorf. Dr. Turndorf will review your request and reach out to you if your request is accepted.


Working with Dr. Turndorf has been exhilarating and freeing, like finding a portal in my own back yard to achieve changes that I never dreamed were possible. I now have an ability to handle and respond to difficult situations that arise between me and my wife, brother, sister, mother, father, and even the bogey-man of suffering and death. I feel vulnerable and empowered to speak without fear and describe with greater clarity what goes on inside. Above all, I am capable of much greater love and compassion. My life has been transformed through my work with Dr. Turndorf! Tim S.

My wife and I were fighting all the time, and I was sure our marriage was over. Dr. Turndorf helped me understand how my words and actions were hurting my wife and actually triggering the Old Scars from her first family. Then, Dr. Turndorf showed me what to say and do differently in order to help my wife heal these Old Scars. For the first time in our 25-year marriage, my wife actually feels like I’m on her side. And the fighting has magically stopped. We are eternally grateful to Dr. Turndorf for saving our marriage. Dr. Michael D.

I came to Dr. Turndorf after having attempted suicide. I was so depressed because I couldn’t seem to stop choosing partners who cheat on me. Dr. Turndorf helped me to uncover and heal the cause of this pattern. I met a wonderful man, married him, and we have lived, quite literally, happily ever after. Thank you Dr. Turndorf for saving my life!  Dawn W.

My wife and I lived a sexless marriage for nearly 25 years! There was so much hurt and anger on both our parts. Dr. Turndorf patiently uncovered the real cause of the problem and resolved it. Who could have ever imagined that my wife and I could feel like newlyweds again in our 50s! In truth, our love is stronger now than ever. Thank you, Dr. Turndorf! Keith B.


“Dear mom,

I love you so very much. When I hear you play your ukulele it makes me so happy. You seem so happy and excited with this instrument and don’t ever give up on it. I sometimes regret quitting violin but i’m glad I am still in chorus and learning the Ukulele. I love sharing a love for this instrument with you. I hear some kids saying how they don’t talk to their parents and they aren’t close with them. At first I felt embarrassed saying I’m close very very close with my mom. But then as time went on i realized i shouldn’t be embarrassed. Some parents scold their kids when they get a low grade and they punish the kids by making them document everything they do and have them do all these things beside just taking their device away from them until they get a better grade. last year when I got such an awful grade in Social Studies and the report card came, you guys didn’t scold me instead you helped me and you made me realize that i’m a smart kid and i shouldn’t let this one bad grade bring me down. When I was getting such awful grades in French you didn’t make me feel so bad about myself and instead of saying…”BRING YOUR GRADES UP OR ELSE….” you let me say…”I need to turn myself around and bring my grade up” and i’m sticking to that today i was studying and i brought my textbook home and everything. I think it’s better to help your kid understand on their own that grades are important, but not the most important thing in the world. I know sometimes you feel like you’re maybe not the best parent in the world but to me you are. Last night when we had the talk about Stephanie, it made me feel so happy to finally hear what happened and I felt like you were treating me like your adult friend and not your 13 year old daughter. I also realized how alike we are which sorta shocked me. lol

I love you mom/best friend and thank you for always having my back. I will always have yours. Love, Ally.


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