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Dr. Love has become a lot bigger now than five years ago, when I for the first (and only, so far) time I sent her a rather sad and desperate letter. I sent her a long e-mail about this, not really expecting a reply, but probably just to get things sorted out in my own head. She only answered for free a few each week. But, to my great surprise, a couple of days later, a long answer came into my inbox, talking to me about what to do, and love in general.

I just happened to click by this site again, and thought I’d drop a little thank-you note for that sympathy and the kind thoughts that led you to write back to me all those years ago.

David Bly


This site helped me to understand a great deal about past patterns and why I do continue them. Thanks!

Diana Sheldrick


Sometimes a person can’t get to a counselor (late at night, holidays, etc.), but may need an answer to a question. Your web pages provide a lot of insight and are the answer to many prayers! God bless you.

Roberta Hilton

Thanks for all the advice. You help me lots through everything that I have been through, from love to life. It is really great to have you to turn to when I need the advice. THANKS!!!

Paige Ellis

I just wanted to say that you help me in my love life. Thank you for helping me all the time.

J. Jean Philippe


Thanks for this wonderful website! At least somebody in this world understands my problems! Keep up the good work!!



Hey Dr. Love, I love your website–it’s great. Please keep up the great work and stay true. I have really learned a lot from your website and I will keep reading it every day to find out more things about love. Thanks a lot.

Brittany Campbell


Love was awaiting me after careful thought and time spent with you, Dr. Love. I am now sure it is that one true love. Still a lot of questions and advice sought on the sexual side; however, with your patience and excellent advice, I am sure we can overcome that.

You’re the WOMAN, Dr. Love.

Nigel Brotherton

We love you, Dr. Love! We are in a relationship now and it is great, all thanks to you!!! You were a great help.

Greetz Jennifer and Melissa


Thank you, Dr. Love. You made my relationship work with my boyfriend Derek.

Brooke Elizabeth Moore

Thanks Dr. Love–you helped me and my lover come closer together. Your site is the greatest, and me and my fiancé owe everything to you.

Christina Smith

Thank you so much for the advice. My boyfriend and I are finally making it! Thanks again, Dr. Love! You’re my hero!


I just totally love your site. It rocks the world. I mean like you are my hero. I am so glad you created this site. It has helped me so much in my night life. I want to thank you so much. This helped me get closer to my lover and me. I really think our relationship will work out.


Thank you–you’re great! I found the information on the site to be very helpful! My boyfriend and I are recently having problems, and the site gave me very positive, healthy feedback on how to react in difficult situations!

Jennifer Trujillo

I found your site quite by accident. However, it has been so insightful. Thank you for the input that I have taken to heart and am using wisely.

Joy Senecal

Dr. Love is great! She really helps me and my girlfriend! I would like to say Dr. Love is very good! I really enjoy this site! It has helped me wonders! Thanks!

Ashleah Varvil

Right now my boyfriend and I are having many problems, and this site has helped me answer the questions he won’t. Thank you.



I love your website. It helps me out with all of my relationships.

Laura Denice Foster

You are very helpful to everyone. Thanks.

Angie Anderson


I love your tests and I hope to see more in the future. They are not only informational but fun.


I took the compatibility test and I loved it. It really made me happy to know that my girlfriend and I are compatible. It also gave me great tips.

Rob Sanford

Thank you for the tests. They were fun and informative. The results mean I know how to handle my lover to ensure our love lasts.

Mick Collins

Dr. Love Rocks
Thank you Dr. Love for helping me evaluate my current relationship.

Nicole Harrison

Your love quizzes are simply the best. They helped me decide if I’m truly ready to commit my self to someone and if my partner was willing to devote himself to me as well. Thanks lots.

Misty Bard

I just took the compatibility test and the results really amazed me. I didn’t expect to be so compatible with my partner. Although I love him deeply, we share different interests and hobbies, so I was expecting a much lower score. It is also a very enjoyable test that isn’t simply based on sex and emotions, which is very interesting. Thanks a lot!


I appreciate your website! The compatibility test was pretty interesting to do with my boyfriend. I thought we had discussed “EVERYTHING” when it comes to our relationship, but we scored a 90% and were able to see little points that we do actually disagree on.


I love your advice and the tests are really accurate. Thanks for this wonderful website.

Amanda Harris

Thank you for the tests. Now I can trust my boyfriend. Thank you.

Carmen Parnell

Your site has really made my day. There are some “love” sites that suck royally. Their advice is beyond crappy, the kind of advice that shouldn’t be taken because usually it doesn’t help. Anyways, this site is cool. I like the tests. It’s the thing I like on this site, and there are plenty of other things too.


Thanks for helping me on the tips I need. I liked the tests and they helped me with my relationship. Thanks for your time.



This information was very much worth my reading. It answered a lot of my questions about my current relationship and what to do with it. Thanks again Dr. Love!!!

Morris Raywood

Thanks so much Dr. Love for doing such a great job. I don’t know where I would be without the advice columns.

Monica L.

Thanks! I’ve learned a lot about not being the only one with problems. I’m seeing that I’ve learned from some of my mistakes.

Dinah Stoffregen

Thanks–your columns have helped me out with many different issues.

Tanya Langdon

Thank you so much, Doc. Many articles on your site have helped me tremendously. Once again, thank you.



Thank God for this site. I’m soooo thankful for this site.

Katherine Baker

It really helped me with the problems I am having in my relationships, so I suggest this site to you. I love you all.

Autumn Ohmer

This is a great site. It’s very informative and I’m glad I found it. It gives practical and helpful advice. I hope this site keeps going to help people.

Michael Burdess

And I’m lovin’ every minute…
thanks to your site. You have helped me with a lot of love problems. Keep on reaching out to those who seek help.


Great stuff. Your site has been so informative for me, and has helped me with questions that I have had for quite some time now. Thank you!!

Lisa Dunlevy

This explained everything to me. You have taught me so much!

Andrea Ogles

This is a very informative site–very useful. I’ll be back again for sure.

John Shepney

Thanks for your wonderful advice! This was the first time I visited your site, but it won’t be the last. Thanks for everything!!!


What a great site! Thank you so much, Dr. Love. I will definitely be coming back!

Laura McGrath

Dr. Love, please continue this site, for it can help individuals in need. I really love you Dr. Love because you help me lot when it comes to love trouble. God bless you always.

Amled Amseled

I learned a lot. Thanks Dr. Love.

Scott Henry

This is an extremely lovely site. I would be here every minute if I could. Hope it never disappears. Thank you.


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