Trans-Dimensional Grief Resolution Method™ Coaches Certification Training

Based on Dr. Turndorf’s #1 International Bestselling book, Love Never Dies: How to Reconnect and Make Peace with the Deceased

Have you been told you have a gift in helping others during loss? Do you have an inner calling to tend to those with broken hearts and spirits? Are you drawn to helping people heal from grief?

Trans-Dimensional Grief Resolution Method coaching is an emotionally-focused, experiential healing method. This ground-breaking course will offer emotional learning that is experientially-based rather than intellectual/didactic to help people heal from grief or loss in a revolutionary way.

Students will master my Trans-Dimensional Grief Resolution Method by experiencing it firsthand, providing the personal and professional skills needed to develop and maintain a flourishing Trans-Dimensional Grief Method Coaching practice.

This 12-Week Comprehensive Coaching Course Includes:

  • 12 Weekly 1 1/2 hour experiential group training calls via Zoom
  • 6 one-on-one 30-minute calls to delve more deeply into any personal or professional issues requiring more focused attention
  • A live weekend training at my Millbrook home

Here’s a summary of what you’ll gain during this coaching course:

  • How to be true to you – and use your authenticity to attract coaching clients
  • Overcome fear of self-exposure and getting to the core of your fears
  • Face your own underlying resistances and blocks
  • Dialoguing to resolve underlying issues so you understand how this process works for others
  • Use reconnection methods to deepen your ability to connect with spirit in order to demonstrate these methods to your clients
  • Recognize the signs of spirit presence in your own life and for others
  • Build a thriving Trans-Dimensional Grief Method Coaching practice

Overview of the Coaching Lessons:

Session One: Sharing Your Story: How to Use Authenticity to Attract and Transform Your Coaching Clients

When it comes to grief work, your personal experiences and willingness to authentically share your story is the greatest tool for engaging new clients and sustaining those relationships. In this lesson, I will assist each student in overcoming blocks to revealing his/her authentic self. We will practice and obtain feedback by sharing our own journeys/stories in a group setting.

Session Two: Overcoming the Fear of Self-Exposure

It’s said that the number one fear is public speaking. But public speaking is the primary vehicle for attracting new coaching clients. In this lesson, we’ll focus on uncovering and resolving the underlying fears that trigger our fear of self-exposure.  

Session Three: Overcoming False Beliefs/Fears and/or Religious Teachings That Block Reconnection

We can’t take our clients beyond where we’ve taken ourselves. Therefore, we must identify and resolve any personal reconnection blocks that we still carry. As I help you resolve these blocks, you will be empowered to help your clients overcome these same resistances and blocks.

This lesson will help you and those you coach overcome the outer layer of blocks, which include false beliefs/faulty religious teachings, and fears such as: reconnecting prevents us from moving on; reconnecting prevents our loved ones from moving on and reconnecting opens the door to the devil, and many others.

We’ll also discuss how to handle the skeptics by delving into the skills needed to resolve skepticism and doubt so that you can convert a resistant individual into an eager coaching client.

You’ll also learn how to reach the spiritually resistant, right-brained individuals by sharing the latest quantum physics discoveries, including non-local consciousness and survival of consciousness. For hardcore skeptics, we’ll address how to magically overcome their roadblocks using my “joining” technique.

Session Four: How to Create a State of Receptivity: How to Tune to the Spirit Channel in the Brain

The more receptive we are, the easier it is for us to not only send and receive energetic signals; it will also be easier for us to teach our clients how to tune in to the spirit channel in their brains and/or act as their “training wheels” in which we tune in for them. In this session, we will also deepen your ability to enter a trance, create deeper Pockets of Peace and become more skilled in your own breath work. 

Session Five: Receptivity Revisited

In this lesson, we’ll go deeper into the various exercises for opening up your senses and psychic abilities, further perfecting your ability to open all of your senses.

Session Six: Recognizing the Signs of Spirit Presence

In this session, we’ll open your senses even more so you can perceive the myriad and astonishing ways that spirit influences the material world, defying time, space, gravity and the laws of science.

We’ll reveal the signs of spirit presence using examples from your own life. As you become more open to seeing all the signs of spirit presence, you’ll be ready to help your clients see all the ways that spirit is knocking on the door of their hearts.

Session Seven: Dialoguing with the Departed  Using Open Vessels and Earthly Props

In this session, we’ll focus on recognizing all the ways that spirit dialogues with us using dreams, mind melding/thought induction, Open Vessels (both human and animal) and using Earthly Props (such as electronics).  

Session Eight: Direct Dialoguing

This session is devoted to direct dialoguing techniques including oral and written dialogues. 

This lesson helps you recognize the unique ways that spirit speaks to us, from thought induction/mind melding, to visual images, and sensations. My focus is to help you fine tune your ability to recognize “who” is coming through. Since spirits’ styles differ, this lesson will help you assist your clients in identifying the spirit beings that are communicating with them.     

Session Nine: Dialoguing to Heal Unfinished Business

In this session, we will focus on overcoming all the dialoguing impasses including: What if Nobody is Home? Fear of Being Harmed by an Abusive Parent, Guilt, Playing the Victim, Using Anger as Armor and others.

We’ll practice the “Supervised Visitation” technique to help you and your clients’ dialogue without fear. We’ll also discuss when to use this technique.  You’ll also use the “Being a Spirit’s Spokesperson” exercise to help you and your clients move past impasses that result from not fully understanding a spirit’s mentality and limitations. This exercise is a powerful tool for moving past grudges.

Session Ten: Deep Difficulties in Dialoguing with the Departed

In this lesson, we’ll expand upon the dialogues we have already begun. We’ll reach down to your core and identify any unfinished business originating from your formative years and resolve any issues that come to the surface. I’ll also demonstrate how to work with deeply entrenched unresolved issues and severe traumas (such as suicide) that your clients face. We’ll role-play how to conduct ongoing dialogues in order to achieve complete healing of any unfinished business.

In addition, we’ll practice different kinds of dialogues, including dialoging to say farewell to the physical body, dialoguing to obtain spiritual guidance.

Session Eleven: Building a Thriving Trans-Dimensional Grief Method Coaching Business 

We’ll discuss all aspects of building an in-person and virtual practice including how to promote yourself, how to get clients excited about the work, how to answer pre-treatment resistances and questions, how to design a winning website that sells you and your gifts, and so much more.

After you complete the 11 weekly group trainings, the 6 one-on-one sessions and the live weekend training, you’ll be certified and listed in my Trans-Dimensional grief coach directory on my website at and you can get started as a certified Trans-Dimensional Grief Coaching Method practitioner!

*Please note:

Course curriculum is subject to change due to the intimate and experiential nature of this training course.

The Trans-Dimensional grief therapy coaches training process is an emotionally based educational process.

It’s said that to you can’t take a client beyond where you’ve taken yourself. In order to be a successful Trans-Dimensional Grief Method coach, it is vital to resolve your own emotional sticking points.

For this reason, each weekly training group focuses on helping each student heal any unresolved emotional wounds.

In my loving and supportive group environment, each student is invited to authentically share the emotionally significant story of his/her life.

The other members of the group are guided to listen and understand the student who is sharing.

This experiential process provides the model for how to heal our coaching clients.

Each student will also be invited to use my Dialoguing with the Departed technique to heal any unfinished business with spirit. Healing one’s own issues with spirit is a vital part of the coaches training.

In addition, students will be encouraged to facilitate others’ Dialogues with the Departed. In so doing, each student will perfect his/her ability to conduct Dialogues with their coaching clients.  

This training is unique in that 11 week training group consists of other students in training along with certified coaches who have remained in the group to receive ongoing supervision. This experience is identical to a family, in which new children join the existing family unit. The result is certified coaches have the chance to practice their skills as they work with the students who join the group. And, students develop a sense of how their skills will grow over time as they interact with the group members who are already certified. 

After certification, all graduates are invited to continue on as members of the group in order to continue honing their skills and sustain the bond that have been formed with fellow group members.

Because those in the helping professions require ongoing supervision to resolve the inevitable pitfalls that arise when coaching others, the ongoing supervision group participation will provide valuable case support and guidance that is vital to a thriving Trans-Dimensional Grief Method coaching practice.

If you would like to apply to become one of Dr. Turndorf’s certified Trans-Dimensional Grief Method coaches.

Students’ Comments:

Each of our weekly training classes is teaching me how to observe, share thoughts, feelings, and why’s and seeing the magic unfold. During our weekend LND Coaches Retreat it was amazing and renewing to be in the presence of great love, safety, connection, curiosity, and learning! 

THANK YOU Jamie – for enabling these significant experiences and lessons to unfold for me.

In this environment I uncovered an unknown and unresolved rage about past hurts and loss. Through Dr. Jamie’s guidance and the support of my coaching colleagues I was able to surface, acknowledge, and release a hurt that had been buried for 15 years.

In this community of safety, love, and acceptance I am growing and loving exponentially as a person and coach. Through this Coach Training process the people in my life are also benefitting in ways I could have never imagined or described.

Thanks for being a powerful source of love and fun in my life!!!  

With love and gratitudePaula

I am amazed at how much I am growing as a person and a coach with each of the weekly coaches training classes.

When I came to Jamie’s home in Millbrook to meet other coaches for the live weekend training, driving on the beautiful fall colored zigzag road that leads to her home, it felt like I was entering heaven. Looking at her property, you can feel the peace surrounding her 1000 acres. We were greeted by few cows and her beautiful silver shimmering lake.

As we continued our training, we did a few dialogues with our loved ones. It was so touching to see us trainers breaking in tears of pain and joy and healing.

One thing I took away from the live weekend was to live a new life every day. Our loved ones are reunited with source, without the barriers that they had on earth. By dialoging with them, we are reunited with them, and they can send us love, peaceful healing energy if we allow then to. Everyday can be an opportunity to heal one layer of pain or remove a challenge in your life with their help.

I will never forget our training and the live trip to Jamie’s home.

Much love,Jacqueline

So very much of what makes an experience more rich for me is the energy and presence of the individuals participating. From the moment I turned on to Jamie’s property and knew I was driving just behind Paula, I was so excited to just park my car and meet her in person.  We both got out of our cars and just fell into a big hug… we all did this.  Upon meeting, we were just drawn together into one family hug with Jamie and Jean as our “parents”!   It’s as if we were all hugging each other the entire weekend.

Being in each other’s presence just magnified what we were able to do and expanded the healings that we all could and did bring to each other. I have always felt “open” to the universe and it’s energies, but now I can tell that the opening is going to be even larger than I ever could have imagined. I feel so powerful after being with Jamie and these beautiful, amazing women.  Every moment , every word, every gesture, every experience was born out of love.

The deep sense of connection and peace that I felt and still feel should last me a lifetime. Because love has no beginning and no end.  Love IS……. Be still and know that LOVE IS.  (I think Jean wanted me to write that…)

Love and light,Candi

What a magical experience and live weekend.  

What a beautiful group of women, openness and exquisite love we experienced. I am so in love with this work, what it means, feels like and Dr. Jamie’s incredible presence.

I truly am privileged to have Dr. Jamie [and Jean] SO CLOSE to me in this life. 

I am being taken on a journey that has been nothing short of miraculous. Dr. Jamie inspired me to live and love as I always wanted and how to believe-in myself again.  After having lived so much trauma, Dr. Jamie saw Me. She heard me, deeper and clearer than anyone has ever done in my life. She validated me and held my hand in that, pulling me gently up and out of a point in life that did not have a pulse.

I want to walk my own life alongside Dr. Jamie, to be a conduit of this work and more.  This training enables me to continue to witness and celebrate LOVE in all its’ forms and unfolding.  Sharing, contributing into love’s enchanting ripple in the world, creating magic and love in this life, which is why I now know I was born…..

I love you.Monika

I have to confess that I was a little apprehensive and was not sure what to expect for the live weekend coaches training. When I encountered was an amazing forging of bonds between familiar souls in unrecognized physical bodies. I have extreme respect for everyone in the coaching program.

I enjoyed my time deeply, and felt that it was a very valuable experience. It has definitely shifted my focus from learning so that I could enhance my abilities for myself, to learning so that I can continue to pay this message forward. I am ever grateful for the opportunity to come to the weekend training and luckily for me it was during fall foliage.

In each weekly coaching class and in the live training we experienced many breakthroughs, including embracing our anger and all our feelings. The lessons that we take away from each training meeting are invaluable. When I can step back and take a look from the outside of our meetings, I can always apply something to my life and current situation. I am continually learning from each weekly training encounter we have.

Thank you!Courtney

It’s hard to put into words my experience of being in the coaches training class. There is such unconditional love and acceptance at the soul level where there is no judgment or expectations–except that you be yourself. And the love that I receive for being myself is transformational. This is what heaven is and it’s something we never get to experience on earth and yet with this group, we are living heaven on earth.

My biggest challenge has been to put my rational brain aside. After the live weekend, in which I learned how to consciously switch to the spirit channel in my brain, my husband came to me in a visitation, and he helped me open up even more. I literally felt my brain switching to the right channel, and I heard the click. Then, I felt a wind rushing through my body, starting at my crown chakra, and then an electric jolt went through me, and then I felt like I was being hugged and held by my husband and then I reached out my hand, and I felt his face. I now know that I know how to bring this gift to others.

Thank you!Espi C

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