Is Your Partner Ready For a Relationship?

…OR: “Does Your Frog Have too Many Warts?”

…OR: “Does Your Frog Have too Many Warts?”

  • She drinks too much.
  • He’s out of work and doesn’t intend to get a job.
  • He loves you but is “not ready” to commit to you yet.
  • She’s still attached to her ex.
  • He has an explosive temper.
  • She’s a drama queen?
  • He’s a charming boy who won’t grow up.
  • The list goes on and on…

Nobody is perfect. We all have character flaws.

Is it possible that your frog could shed those warts and grow into a prince or princess?

But what if your partner’s warts are permanent, meaning he/she is incapable of forming a solid and lasting relationship?

Is there any way to tell?

In this show, I discuss my proven method for measuring your partner’s “Relationship Readiness” so you can determine if your partner has unfinished business, childhood issues, or Old Scars that prevent him or her from fully connecting with you.

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