Woman whispering in man's ear

Why Speaking Your Partner’s Love Language is Your Key to Relationship Bliss

Woman whispering in man's ear

In this show, I explain that knowing your partner’s preferred Love Language is the master key to unlocking your beloved’s heart, and I define the five types of Love Languages, which include:

  • Words of Affirmation
  • Receiving Gifts
  • Acts of Service
  • Physical Touch
  • Quality Time.

I also discuss how many couples become distressed because they wrongly assume that their partner’s Love Language matches their own. This false assumption leads people to love their partners the way they, themselves, wish to be loved rather than the way their partners want to be loved!

To avoid this common relationship roadblock, couples must learn to live according to what I call the “Platinum Rule,” which is do unto your partner as he/she wishes you to do unto him/her!

Following this rule, and loving your partner according to his/her preferred Love Language is the key to relationship bliss.  

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