Why Anthony Weiner Can’t Keep His Weiner in His Pants

Have you been wondering why Anthony Weiner’s little head can’t seem to stay out of the headlines?

CNN called me this week to do an exclusive interview on “Anthony Weiner’s Weiner.” Well, that’s not exactly what they called the interview!

In this edition of Ask Dr. Love Radio Show, I invite you to join me as I further detangle Anthony Weiner’s tightly knotted erotic web. Wait until you discover the specific childhood emotional injury that is likely causing his compulsive need to self-expose!

I’ll also be looking at the question of cheating and the new media. I’ll talk about why the new media makes it easier for people to be unfaithful and what behaviors actually constitute cheating. I will also discuss why couples fall prey to cheating and how you can immunize your relationship from virtual flings.

Tune in as I discuss why the worldwide epidemic of inadequate impulse control is the ultimate cause of the erotic philandering that plagues society. Join me for what will surely be a controversial and eye opening show!

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