Transforming Life Challenges Into Relationship Miracles

Have you ever wondered if your relationship is strong enough to weather the strain if you or your partner became chronically ill?

Or are you actually dealing with this very challenge?

According to research, younger couples are more likely to break up or divorce when illness strikes one member of the couple.

In this week’s show, I’m going to introduce you to a remarkable sixty-year-old woman named Barbara Thayer who has been battling Multiple Sclerosis since her 20s. Throughout her lifetime, whenever her disease has flared up, she’s been forced to live in an institution. In spite of her huge challenges, she’s managed to marry and survive three different men. And believe it or not, Barbara just returned from her 4th honeymoon last week!

Tune in to this week’s show and hear her inspiring story and meet her new husband Ed Tullis, who has spent decades caring for his first wife who also suffered from MS.

Barbara and Ed radiate such joy and happiness. Barb’s attitude regarding her illness and Ed’s joy in caring for the one he loves is an inspiring example of two people whose love flourishes in the face of life’s inevitable potholes.

Make sure to tune in and learn from their example about how you can cultivate the kind of attitude we all need to weather the inevitable storms that life subjects us to.

The Ask Dr. Love Radio Show Airs Tuesday, July 23rd, 1pm EST on Talk Zone Radio.

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