The Alchemy of Misery: How Our Greatest Trials Offer Opportunities for Transformation with Mark Pukmel

In today’s discussion, we will dive into how the worst trials and hardships in life can open us up to receive deep insights, growth, and breathtaking breakthroughs and transformation. Tune in and discover how to find the spiritual awakening, meaningful life calling and boundless love that is hidden beneath your worst hardships. 


Mark Pukmel has been studying and practicing the healing arts for over 25 years. Mark is a licensed massage therapist for over 18 years, an avid Qi-gong enthusiast for 25 years, and a drummer for over 45 years. As a musician he’s played on national TV, local and international radio and on stages all over the east coast. He is also a certified self-sabotage coach. 

Enduring 16 surgeries over his life, two of them involving invasive heart surgeries, Mark is lucky to be alive. Being born with a defective heart and other birth defects, doctors and specialists told Mark’s parents he was too weak and sick to survive wouldn’t survive more than a few weeks. He outlived those predictions only for the medical specialists to say he wouldn’t survive more than a few months.

As a young boy, Mark struggled with blue lips and fingernails due to oxygen deficiency, which resulted from nearly constant heart failure. 

He outlived all those dire predictions and is here 57 years later.

Later in life, Mark encountered several metaphysical experiences that left him questioning reality as we know it and began asking the questions: What is life all about?; Why are we here?; And, why is there so much suffering?

Being a drummer for over 45 years, Mark researched the benefits of using sound and vibrational tools, such as drumming, Tibetan bowls, ting-shas and rattles into his healing practice. Also have a passion for Qi-gong and Reiki–two stand alone healing practices–he’s combined all these modalities to create a unique experience for his clients to relax, rejuvenate and heal on many levels. 

Mark strongly believes that overcoming adversity in life by embracing spiritual practices can open doors to a deeper level of inner knowing. After being gifted connections with the divine, he’s committed the last 20 years to sharing his gifts with others.

Mark is currently writing a book about his journey in life and the many spiritual experiences he’s been gifted with along the way.

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