Speaking from the Heart

Do you speak from your heart?

Do you speak from your heart?

If you’re most of the world, you hide behind your intellect and speak about thoughts. But when it comes to being truly authentic, are you willing to leap off the ledge of love and speak from your heart?

Many people will answer that question: hell, no!

In truth, being real is really hard. For most of us, the hurt, the humiliations and the teasing we suffered as kids caused us to armor ourselves. While this armor may have protected us when we were young, it certainly isn’t helping us in our adult relationships. Because when we wall off from those close to us, we feel alienated, lonely and disconnected.

The only way to truly feel close and intimate is to speak from the most vulnerable, scared and young that still lives inside all of us.

Many of us find the courage to be real and speak from our hearts when life shakes us up. For example, we may gain the courage to open the door of their hearts as a result of a serious accident or illness. Our hard times are life’s wake-up calls reminding us how short our ride on earth is and urging us to get busy loving or get busy dying.

In this week’s show, I’m going to introduce you to media personality Ann Quasman, host of WomanTalk Live. Ann’s found her voice following a sexual assault.

I don’t want to have to wait for tragedy or disaster to unlock your heart. Tune in to this week’s show and discover how you can leap off the ledge of love and speak from your heart right now. Listen live and discover the secret key that allows you to begin conscious conversations from the heart.

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