Quantum Thinking with Dianne Collins

Wednesday, October 22nd at 1PM EST


Do you quantum think?

This is the question that bestselling author, Dianne Collins, asks you to ask yourself.

Collins asserts that the human race is at a critical juncture in its development and it is our collective responsibility to evolve our thought process or face the consequences. Ms. Collins explains that our thinking has not evolved past an ”˜Industrial Age’ paradigm rooted in a mechanical world view. Einstein’s relativity and the quantum physics of the 20th century initiated a process of dismantling this archaic model. Just as quantum physics redefined the physical world, the aim of Quantum Thinking is to reinvent perception in a way that is better suited for the shifting realities of modern times.

The message of Do You QuantumThink? is divided among “21 QuantumThink Distinctions” which blend scientific knowledge, spiritual wisdom, and current philosophy into a practical modern approach that will attune the readers to the essence of our time and the ability to think in sync with it. Some important concepts that you will draw from Do You QuantumThink? are:

  • The power of Intent to manifest results in Observer-created Reality
  • The disciplined use of Intuition as our access to the non-local field of Infinite Intelligence
  • Listening as a dimension of being rather than a skill
  • Awareness to notice and interrupt limited thinking patterns and move beyond them
  • How Mind generates Emotion and how to use this dynamic energy to our advantage

Tune in for a thought provoking and mind expanding show with bestselling author Dianne Collins!


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