Loving and Lasting with Bestselling Author Ande Lyons

Join me this Tuesday for an exciting show with my special guest Ande Lyons, the founder and Chief Passion Curator for BringBackDesire.com where she tastefully and playfully shares tips, tools and resources with women who want more sensuality and sexual excitement in their lives.

As the host of the Loving and Lasting Radio Show and TV show via Google+, Ande helps couples stay tuned in and turned on to each other through her engaging and informative conversations with love experts, relationship experts, and authors.

Ande’s ebook, Loving and Lasting: How to Stay Tuned In and Turned On in Marriage has been a bestseller in the marriage category on Amazon.com. Twenty of Ande’s favorite Love Experts share their best advice on how to have a more meaningful and fulfilling marriage.

An enthusiastic and experienced entrepreneur with an MBA and several successful businesses to her credit, Ande is enjoying a well-balanced life (really!) managing her growing business while raising two wonderful boys with her husband.

Tune in to find out more about how you can bring more passion into your love life!

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