How to Listen with the Ears of Your Heart

Have you ever noticed that listening is nearly absent in conflicted relationships?

I’m sure you’ve experienced the deaf pit in your own relationships: You have a beef. You try to talk to the other person. The other person doesn’t listen. You get pissed and up the volume, which only makes the other person more deaf.

Now your “discussion” spins totally out of control. No resolution occurs, which leads you to feel terminally ticked off.

Now you’re really stuck. The next time your hot topic comes up, the other person’s dukes are already up, which means you have even less chances of being heard.

And in no time, you have a major vicious cycle on your hands.

Don’t worry. In this show, I will teach you how to use your ears to steer your relationship out the skids.

It’s easier than you think to learn how to be a good listener. BUT listening doesn’t happen by accident. It’s a skill that needs to be acquired.

So tune in for my listening crash course, and discover how to listen your way to love.

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