How to Tap Your Way to Intimacy with Dawson Church

Did you know that you can tap your way to relationship happiness?

Sounds hokey?

Well, it isn’t.

Did you know that you can tap your way to relationship happiness?

Sounds hokey?

Well, it isn’t.

In this show, I’ll be revealing how EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or tapping can transform your relationships!

Whether your love or marriage relationship is unsatisfying, or whether you’re dealing with a difficult family or business relationship, EFT can help.

As you know, when we’re upset by what another person does or says, we usually focus on getting them to change. Yet, if you’ve ever tried to change someone else’s behavior, you’ll remember that the effort is rarely successful!

It often just compounds the problem.

EFT has you focus, first and foremost, on your own reactions. Perhaps you simmer with silent resentment when certain people speak. Perhaps you explode with loud anger when certain topics are mentioned.

The reason you’re triggered is that the present situation reminds you of an early childhood experience. What has Dr. Love been saying for over 30 years!

While the other person is the detonator, the dynamite is inside of you.

And, EFT can help defuse the charge within. That gives you the gift of emotional freedom.

Though other people might not change, they can no longer keep you in emotional bondage to your bad feelings.

The other benefit of EFT is that relationships are systems. Each person in the relationship is part of the system. Families embody family systems; organizations have organizational cultures.

These are energy structures in which people relate. When one person gains emotional freedom, having defused their inner triggers, it changes the energy pattern of the whole system.

So just changing yourself often produces change in others, even though you’re not seeking to change them. Join me and find out how EFT can help set you and your relationship free!

Show time: 9 AM PST Noon EST

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