How Nonbinary Sexual Trends are Affecting Relationships with Dr. Sharna Striar

Nonbinary sexual trends are affecting relationships. From her chair as a psychotherapist and certified sex therapist working primarily with patients in their 20’s and 30’s, Dr. Striar hears many anxieties and questions as they navigate their lives.  We all endured a worldwide pandemic filled with fear and concern for our lives, quarantining alone, partnered, or with friends and family.  This, coupled with today’s political and financial uncertainties, underlie much of the stress that is contributing significantly to behavior regarding gender, sex and relationships.  

During this show, we will discuss:

1. How gender fluidity impacts relationships and sexuality.

2. How the pandemic has impacted relationships and sexual expression.

3. How the present political, cultural, and social environment has affected views and experiences of relationships and sexuality.

4. How easy access to pornography has shaped sex and relationships.

5. The real facts regarding whether people are having more sex or less in the current digital age.

Bio:  Sharna Striar, Ph.D., CNS, is a psychotherapist, an AASECT certified sex therapist, ANCC certified clinical nurse specialist, and has a private practice in midtown Manhattan. Dr Striar has counseled hundreds of individuals and couples to effectively navigate their pursuit of achieving fulfilling lives and relationships. She formerly served at the University of Michigan and then at Hunter College as a professor, with a focus in the areas of human sexuality, couple and group dynamics, and communication. She has spoken at many professional forums, written and contributed to many professional articles, and served as a guest expert on national radio, television, and podcasts. Dr. Striar can be reached by contacting her at her website

If you are confused about where you stand in terms of your sexuality, a Discovery Session is just what the doctor ordered. In the session, we will dive deep and explore what may be causing your sexual/gender confusion and chart a clear path forward: :

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