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The Honesty Experiment, with guest Kira M. Newman

The Honesty Experiment, with guest Kira M. Newman

Join me this week for a discussion with Kira M. Newman, founder of the Honesty Experiment, a 30-day challenge where people commit to being honest with themselves and others. Each day, they get a little tip or question to guide their journey to self-improvement. Kira ran the Honesty Experiment for Couples in August and is planning other special experiments for figuring out a career, for entrepreneurs, and for worriers. Kira is also a senior writer and editor for Tech Cocktail, a media and events company for tech startups and entrepreneurs.

I’ll also be sharing my simple rule for knowing when it’s good to be honest and when it’s good to button your lip. Once you understand this rule, your relationships will rule.

Join me for what promises to be an honest to goodness interesting show!

The Ask Dr. Love Radio Show Airs Tuesday, August 27th, 1pm EST on Talk Zone Radio.

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