Healing from the Horror of a Drug-Facilitated Sexual Assault

In Thursday’s show, you will meet Taryn, a woman who recently endured a drug-facilitated sexual assault and extreme physical battering.

If you or someone you love has suffered sexual abuse, there is hope for healing. I am going to offer Taryn an Energetic System Upgrade™ to begin her physical and emotional healing on air.

It is my hope that this experience will offer you a glimpse of what is possible for you or anyone you love who has suffered similar abuse.

We will begin with Taryn’s story.  She knew that she needed help, but didn’t know where to turn. She begged the universe to get her the therapy she needs.

Little did I know that I had magically heard her call when I felt guided to search for a restaurant on the Internet–something I haven’t done for a long time since I have eaten only organic food for the past 40 years, and haven’t dined out in years! 

When I searched for a restaurant, I felt guided to one particular place, the place where Taryn waits tables!

Taryn seemed angry to me, but I couldn’t put my finger on what the trouble was.

I felt guided to tell my own story, which opened her up. She soon revealed that she had recently suffered drug-assisted abuse.

Tune-in for a raw, uncensored and very intimate show about an epidemic type of crime that is only reported in 20% of the cases.

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