Are You Ready to Create Success in Life and Love? with Bestselling Author Jack Canfield

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Are you one of the few courageous men or women who is willing to step out of the dominant culture of resignation and mediocrity and endeavor to create the life of your dreams? If so, join Dr. Love for an eye opening discussion with Jack Canfield, the beloved originator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul® series. Tune in to find out Jack’s secrets for transforming your life and relationships by completing the past and embracing your future; cleaning up your messes; being in the now; rejecting rejection; embracing change, transcending your limiting beliefs, and much, much more.

DURING THE SHOW YOU CAN LISTEN LIVE HERE: or via KKNW at KKNW AM 1150 Seattle #1 Alternative Talk.


                                                                                               EXCITING NEWS

The Ask Dr. Love radio show has moved to Transformation Talk Radio network, which broadcasts on AM/FM, cable and Internet radio worldwide.
Live showtimes are as follows:
1st and 3rd Thursday of each month at 9AM PST, 10AM MST, 11AM CST, and 12 noon EST.

2nd Thursday of each month 11AM PST, 12 noon MST, 1PM CST, and 2PM EST.
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