Could Your Shitty Mood be Caused by a Microbiome Imbalance? with Dr. Sabine Hazan

Current research shows a correlation between mood and our microbiome–the dynamic world of bacteria, fungus and viruses that com

prises more than 50% of our mortal selves.

Our internal micro

bes have a big influence on how we feel. They can make us feel grumpy and “shitty” or make us wound up with anxiety and hyperactivity (as in ADHD).

These bugs can even motivate us to eat comfort foods that make us gain weight.

The bad microbes can produce excessive acids that eat away at bowel

mucosal lining, which creates gaps and leaky gut syndrome… And then toxins can escape the bowel into the inside of our bodies causing more havoc and

inflammation anywhere, including the uterine lining, bladder, kidneys, heart, brain and skin. You name it. Inflammation starting in the gut can land anywhere.

When we have some kind of inflammation, the last thing we feel is happy and energetic! We feel miserable and “shitty”. Bad mood

pervades those dealing with pain and inflammation.

To heal, we need to work two ends towards the middle by reducing

stress, increasing rest and quality nutrients, and also stamping out the offending microbes.

Rather than resorting to a chemical pesticide

(antibiotic) that kills all the microbes and sterilizes the gut, a better way is pollinating with other beneficial bacteria so they can fight the good war in the gut

and win for us. The fastest way to get that new garden planted is to replace the whole microbiome with a

healthy donor’s diverse microbiome (fecal transplant). 

From constipation to cancer, heart disease, obesity, autism, Alzheimer’s, and more, discover why therapies may not be working for many…

Tune in and find out more about the latest microbiome research showing how fecal transplants may be the basis for future advances in health and wellness, and a part of the solution for many people with shitty moods and beyond.


Sabine Hazan, MD

Physician, CEO of Progenabiome and Ventura Clinical Trials, Co-founder of Topelia Therapeutics, Expert on the Gut Flora (Microbiome) cutting-edge medical research Writer, Editor, World-Renowned Speaker, Published Author of Let’s Talk Sh!t and Regenesis
Graduated University of Miami; Residency: University of Miami and Jackson Memorial Hospital; Fellowship: University of Florida.

As the first woman accepted into the University of Florida as a Clinical Gastroenterology Fellow, Dr. Sabine Hazan is a pioneer in the medical field. She has published articles in numerous prestigious medical journals, and is the Series Editor on the “Microbiome for Practical Gastroenterology”, a peer review journal that reaches 18,000 gastroenterologists. She is also a speaker for the World Congress of Digestive Disease, MAGI, Microbiome Congress, International Drug Discovery Science and Technology Conference and NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology). As a specialist in gastroenterology, internal medicine, and hepatology, Dr. Hazan has used her medical expertise in many regards over the last two decades.

Dr. Hazan is the CEO of Ventura Clinical Trials, where she has 20+ years-experience leading clinical trials for cutting-edge research on various medical issues and has done over 300 clinical trials for pharmaceutical companies. Since March 2020, she has been at the forefront of COVID-19 research, leading ongoing FDA-approved clinical trials for treatment and prophylaxis on Hydroxychloroquine, Z-Pak, Vitamiin C, D, Zinc and IVM (intravital microscopy).  

She is also the founder & CEO of Progenabiome, a genetic sequencing research laboratory, where she leads 35+ studies investigating the role of the gut flora in various diseases.

Through their study exploring the role of the gut flora in COVID-19, Progenabiome became the first lab worldwide to detect both SARS-CoV-2 from patient fecal samples by Whole Genome Sequencing as well as a susceptibility marker for COVID in the microbiome. 

Dr. Hazan is mastering familial fecal transplant, showing hope for kids with autism. 

The microbiome tells the story.  

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