Cat Got Your Tongue?: A Woman’s Guide to Finding Her Voice

In this week’s show, we’ll be talking about why women find it so difficult to speak their truth. As a result of “stuffing” what needs to be said, women often fall into a rebound reaction that causes them to blow up over the smallest things–a see-saw effect that wreaks havoc on intimate relationships.

Join me and my guest, Judy Cohen, a leading presentation expert and author of the book Red Hot Presentations, as we discuss why it’s so difficult for women to speak up in an effective, not bitchy way.

I will also be introducing a remarkable teenager named Elani Latsios who is beginning her career as a motivational speaker for teens. I’ll be talking with Elani about her own observations about why today’s young women face tremendous obstacles to self-assertion.

Join me for what I know will be a fascinating show.

The Ask Dr. Love Radio Show Airs Tuesday, November 12th, 1pm EST on Talk Zone Radio.

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