Cassandra’s Memo: COVID and the Global Psychopaths with Robert Yoho MD (ret.)

Shedding illusions is life’s most painful, challenging, and imperative work. Robert Yoho MD (ret.) knows. He says that two years ago he understood less than half of the contents of his latest book, Cassandra’s Memo. Since then, he has been setting fire to his preconceptions and burning them to the ground. It has been agonizing. 

Getting others to see through deceptions is far more difficult. Emerson wrote, “A man is what he thinks about all day long.” We are inside the most pervasive and effective propaganda campaign in history, and there is a lot of denial—even as the world races into totalitarianism. Those who have spent years feeding their brains with mainstream media are putting their thumbs in their ears. 

Despite all this, many people know what is happening, and more are learning. After someone awakens, they never go back to sleep. Cassandra’s Memo is your chance to boost your skepticism, find uncensored sources, and catch up. When more understand the truth, our injured US Constitution has the power to crush the conspirators.


Dr. Robert Yoho is a retired physician and healthcare whistleblower. He recently published two books about medical corruption, Butchered by “Healthcare” and Hormone Secrets. His third is pending publication, Cassandra’s Memo: COVID and the Global Psychopaths. He had a surgical practice in the United States until retirement three years ago. He now writes and speaks about COVID, vaccine frauds, and related issues full-time. 

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I don’t appreciate “your opinion” on this being forced on myself to read in this ridiculous e-mail.

You don’t mention all the people you are supporting selling their books to make profit while spreading fear amongst people in such am uncertain time. There is no peace, joy or love being spread here.

I feel sorry for you as you are now living in fear and scepticism and this is not a way I would like to live my life.

I am truly saddened that there is a need to turn people on each other and 

spend our precious time worrying about conspiracy theories behind the government and 

medical system. 

Wh don’t you take a trip to children’s hospital, or to hospice centres, or any facility where people are

fighting for their lives and see the value in what a gift each day is and the importance

 of where you place your thoughts, your time and values on what truly is important.


I took the night to fully reflect on your communications to me. 

It’s clear you just read my newsletter, jumped to conclusions, and have no idea how the show went… You haven’t read the book.  So you are not in possession of the facts. Read the facts, and allow your eyes, ears and heart to open to the truth of what is happening. You simply don’t know what you don’t know till you know it. 

Like you, I wish to live in love. The word ‘love’ means different things to different people. In the spirit of love for humanity, I seek truth and empowerment in discourse. 

Jesus also sought to overturn the scams of the day so people could see the truth more clearly, but was denigrated for it by some who didn’t understand the full import. It takes time because everyone is on their own discovery journey. Still, he turned the other cheek, which means he lovingly let them be because you can’t force awareness. People have to want to learn and grow. They have to participate in the process… Like going to the gym to build muscles, you can’t pay someone to do it for you. It is the way it is.

Also, healthy skepticism is empowering because you can investigate and check things out so as to make better decisions. This means less fear, not more.  If you have investigated and know the underlying dynamics and what best actions to take, it is empowering.  If you know that peanuts give you anaphylaxis then you don’t need to live in fear, but just to avoid the peanuts in the diet…  And if you know the truth of what is causing the anaphylaxis, then you can also develop better strategies to recover if ever a reaction is encountered. 

This peanut analogy applies to what is happening in hospitals. Read the book and see the documented evidence that hospitals are receiving financial kickbacks from the government for diagnosing and treating COVID in patients who are not sick with COVID, patients who come to be treated for something else entirely. There is documented proof that hospitals receive government payouts for putting people on respirators and prescribing Remdesivir (which is fatal in 50% of the cases). This is happening without patient or family approval. Knowing these facts is not fear mongering; it is empowering so that each of us can write an Advance Directive to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

Of course truth can only be discovered when one does not censor others’ opinions. I don’t necessarily subscribe wholly to the opinions of my guests, but through discussion we can arrive at a better understanding overall. It is a process of discovery rather than setting a position in stone like a dogma or religion. Truth seekers must be flexible to learn and grow.  We really need to be taught how to think for ourselves, rather than consuming whatever others may dish up.  So, I thank you for sending this comment and opening up the pathway of discussion for new topics.  

And in tying it back to relationships, this aspect is what has been tearing families apart.  Somehow we have to break the spell with even a modicum of doubt in the narrative. And then bring it back also to respect the opinion of others without denigration.   

Teaching people to respectfully listen to others when they are delivering a sincere message with an intention to help is a big mission now.  It is all too easy for young people on social media to tear others down who they don’t even know because of the anonymity. That is a whole other topic of discussion. Why do people feel they can take liberties online anonymously that they wouldn’t dare do face to face? (maybe some would). 

Knowledge is power… That’s it.  Not knowing who or where the bogeyman is causes the most fear. It is fear of the unknown. It is my wish to make more of the unknown, known, so that people experience less fear…A “how to” strategy to live a better life… a navigation tool. This is empowering.  

Dr. Jamie Turndorf

PS: No profits are gained by this author. He is sharing the book for free on Book Funnel. Whatever sales he makes on Amazon are put back into promotions, to help the information spread farther and wider. 

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