Can We Help Those in Spirit Achieve a Spiritual Awakening?

Contrary to popular belief, beings in spirit don’t just sit around stroking harps. Just like us, those in spirit are also on a journey of growth and evolution. The life review that they experience the moment they leave their bodies informs them of all the mistakes they have made, and reveals to them the things they have said and done to harm those they love. This information prompts them to want to make amends with us.

In other words, their spiritual growth and development requires that they right the wrongs they committed with those who remain on the Earth plane.

I know that those of us who have been wronged by loved and hated ones in spirit often feel a sense of despair when that person leaves his/her body before we’ve had a chance to confront them and, hopefully, make peace with them. In reality, we have a much greater opportunity of working it out with them now that they are in spirit precisely because they know where they went wrong and they yearn to do whatever they can to help us to heal the wounds we suffered at their hands.

We’re looking at a win-win situation here. Allowing loved and hated ones in spirit the opportunity to work it out with us obviously helps us to heal, but also helps those in spirit to heal and grow as well. Bottom line: They can’t rest in peace until they are in peace with us! And as we heal, they achieve spiritual growth and awakening.

In this show, I demonstrate how to use my Dialoguing with the Departed™ technique to help ourselves to heal and simultaneously help those in spirit as well.

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