Are You Committing Bedroom Blunders?

Do you wish your sex life were different, better, hotter?

Apart from insuring the continuance of the species, sex is a powerful glue that binds us to our life partners and spouses.

It’s easy to blame your partner for not sending you to the moon and back in bed. But maybe it’s not your partner’s fault that your sex life isn’t taking off.

In this show, I discuss the common sexual mistakes that couples make. And I show you how to chart a course that will lead you to a sex life that is off the charts!

Discover the most common female bedroom boo-boos, which include: waiting for your partner to get the ball rolling; not understanding how the body works; “spectatoring”; over-focusing on the penis; and not verbalizing your preferences.

And the most common male bedroom blunders, which include: assuming you know how to please a woman; not talking about sex; falling into the inadequate foreplay/”get her done” mindset; and much more.

Tune-in for an informative show that will improve your sexual performance!

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