8 Feminine Habits High Quality Men Find Irresistible with Mat Boggs

Masculine and feminine energies attract one another. But what exactly do these energies look like in real-life relationships?

If you’re a successful woman stuck in your masculine energy, how can you shift into your feminine to attract the high quality masculine man you want?

Best-selling author and relationship expert Mat Boggs answers these questions as he reveals the 8 Feminine Habits High Quality Men Find Irresistible.


Mat Boggs is the best-selling author of Project Everlasting and the creator of Cracking The Man Code.

As a highly sough- after dating coach and relationship expert, Mat has appeared in national media venues such as: The Today Show, CNN, Headline News, Oprah and Friends, ABC, as well as shared the stage with industry leaders such as John Gray, Allison Armstrong, Arielle Ford, and many more.

Mat’s message of love and practical relationship advice has impacted more than 120 million people worldwide. 

Although he has launched two successful businesses, and empowered women around the world in manifesting their man, Mat says his biggest accomplishment, after being married for 10 years, is finally learning to squeeze the toothpaste from the correct end of the tube.

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