Hi,I’m really looking for some answers right now. Here’s my situation. I’m 17 a junior in High School. I just recently entered a relationship with an 18 year old. He’s out of high school and is in the military.My parents have banned me from ANY contact with him because they don’t think it’s right for us to have a relationship. All I ask is for us to be able to keep in touch. They wont consider it because they think that there is a huge possibility that he will end up making bad decisions about his life and job in the future for me.Isn’t that the case with everyone? and even if he did make a bad decision, will it be my fault? He should be man enough to make his own decisions. I can’t make any for him.My parents are worried about the guy. He’s an adult and worries that I will crush him in the end. All I asked is for a chance at our relationship. It’s a long distance relationship.I hate to lie to my parents. I really do. I wish I didn’t have to, but I feel like I have the right to take this risk.Life’s a risk right? Love is risk. It’s never ‘certain’ or guarantee success. I just want to be able to find out ourselves. My parents ordered complete no contact, and i think it’s unreasonable.I may be wrong. That’s why I need your advice. I really want to be straight with my parents, but I’m supposed to completely lose touch with the best guy i’ve met so far?Plz, this will mean alot to me.