I need some advice, but let me first give you some background info. I have been with my girlfriend for alomost a year now, i am 22 and she is 19. We have a very honest and open relationship w/ each other and there is realy nothing we keep from each other.i go to school about 2. 5 hrs away from where she lives (and goes to school), but we see each every weekend.whenever she is not with me she cries histerically to me on the phone, at least once a day, maybe twice, literally. i know she misses me, and i miss her, but there must be something else wrong here b/c its at the point, (2 months after crying like this every day im not w/ her) where im pulling hair out of my head, trying to get her to stop, or figure out what’s wrong.i came to 2 conclusions ( 1 of which i never really told her b/c its a touchy subject): 1) she’s on birth control, which to my knowlage affects emotions, and 2) (touchy subject), her mother passed away from breast cancer about 6 years ago, which obviously is a truamatic experinace, but she’s mature and is pretty much over it and does think of her from time to time. (around her freshman yeear of high school. ) and she hates her dad’s fiance, so i thought that maybe she has no female figure head in her family that she can relate to so she rely’s on me for that. . . . i don’t know. . . but this crying is making me crazy,i tell her i love her to death, all the time which is true, and i tell her the things she wants to hear, but its obviously not enough b/c the crying continues. . .By now, she thinks, that i think she’s crazy b/c of this, I told her already to see a psycologist or to let her emotioins out to someone, but its hard for me to hear this every day. its not good for her or me. i just want her to be happy, its hurts me to hear this all the time.i could use some advise on this matter. . . . . im sorry to take up much of your time w/ the length of my e mail, but i figured i give it a shot. . . thanks