Me and my ex split up because he already had 2 kids, he had full custody of them since they were 1yr & 2yrs old and when I met him, the kids were 6 & 7, He did not want any more. We were together 3 years. but he still did not want any more kids. So I walked out, because I knew that I wanted to have children one day.3 years later, I met and married this man, but I did not love him like I loved my ex. but, I knew that I would never be with my ex-. , because he never wanted anymore kids. So I got married, knowing how I still felt. I love my husband very much, but I do not love him like I did with my ex. (I had total different feelings with my ex. )Should I have waited until I was over my feeling for the ex. because it has been almost 12 years now. I still have those same feelings when I bump into him. Now he is still single, but the kids are 18 years old.Now he would like to see me. but I am married now with 2 little girls, a 1 year old and a 4 year old. (I am happy with my Husband, but I wish I had those strong feelings with my husband instead of my ex. Could the saying be right You meet the love of your life, that makes you tingle all over when you think about him, but you do not get on the same boat at the same time.So life goes on, but you still carry those feeling with you to your grave. Is that a bad thing. , to still have that strong of feeling for your ex. I thought that those feelings would eventualy go away, but they have not.